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The Starting and Finishing Struggle

As creative creators, starting and finishing something is an interesting cycle.  We all function differently when it comes down to it.   It is a continuous topic with beaders.  We have a very few beaders who create one project at a time and finish one project at a time.  These folks never have an unfinished project.  And then there are some who never finish anything and then all the folks in-between (this is me)…who starts many projects, but do finish sooner or later. ( just don’t have time for all the ideas of things I’d like to do.)

Now it really does not bother me to have loads of unfinished projects, but I would like to have a few less.  So, one of my new year resolutions, (oh, let’s face it…it is my only resolution) was to start a finishing journal for the year.  In that journal I would write down all the projects (of any kind) that I complete.  I’m feeling very satisfied… of today, I have 6 items in my finishing journal.  If I can keep up that schedule for the year, I will have an empty sewing room and all my beads will be in perfect order!  Since that will never happen, I’m just going to enjoy the present process and swirl of finishing!

For me, there has been something very focused and satisfying in completing projects, writing down the completion and moving onto the next project.  I know that I will get side tracked, but I have a sense that I will be more focused, productive and satisfied with my creations in 2014 than in previous years.

What to you do to bring to conclusion your projects?

Study 2: Emotive Properties of Color

Study #2 in Applied Color & Design: Emotive Properties of Color

Study 2: Emotive Properties of Color

This class will investigate how color communicates messages, evokes predictable reactions and affects our moods and our emotions.  We will look at color from a number of different perspectives including cultural, physical, physiological and psychological.  And we will consider how we can use color in our beading or other artwork to set a tone, communicate a message, or evoke a response.  This 2.5 hour class is fun and surprisingly thought-provoking! 

Color Awareness is a pre-requisite for this class.

Check our Calendar for upcoming dates, or Contact Us to request this class.