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New Year Resolutions

The New Year for many of us brings the opportunity to reset goals and start fresh.  Resolutions are worth nothing if we don’t take the necessary actions and what I have learned this past year is that being able to keep a record of actions also keeps me moving forward.

My goal in 2014 was to ‘finish’——sewing projects, craft projects and of course beading projects.  I’ve kept a little notebook and listed the projects as I finished them.  This tool has kept me focused but also successful……I recorded 148 projects finished this year.  It is the first time I have ever followed through with one of my New Year resolutions.  So for 2015, I am going to focus on a one word goal and then keep track of my actions. Think I’ll start at the back of my little book to keep that record!

What success did you have this year with your resolutions?  And, what are your goals for 2015?

Fused Glass: Molds

Fused Glass: Molds

Intro to Fused Glass

This class will expose the absolute beginner to working with glass. Learning basic cutting, layering, firing and finishing of several small pieces, one should expect to leave the class after day 2 with a small cast piece, and several pieces made from sheet glass. Handouts will include technique information, a tool list for future work with the medium, a list of vendors to purchase glass from, both locally and online, and technical information on firing schedules. There will be discussion about how a kiln works, and how to make decisions regarding firing.

This is an approximately 2 1/2  hour class.  Pieces created can be picked up within a few days of firing.

Check our Calendar for upcoming dates, or Contact Us to request this class.