2020 Bead Bop

New England Bead Bop

For the past 13 years, bead stores in NH have been working together to provide the Bead Bop. Opening their stores, beaders will find good discounts (usually 20-30 % off purchases), lots of raffles and good fun!

2020 will be our 14th successful year and Boppers are eagerly awaiting and planning their attendance. The original core of stores has expanded the Bop to include Maine and Massachusetts stores. 2020 will see 7 stores—2 in NH, 2 in Maine and 3 in Mass.

Participating stores provide a $100 value store raffle basket and there are three raffle prizes of gift certificates from all participating stores.

The dates for 2020 are August 20-September 20….
following each store’s regular hours.

Passports and bags will be on sale in July.

How does it work?
Beaders purchase a Passport Kit (a canvas bag, pin and passport with each store’s information) the first year they participate. Each year after, Beaders just purchase a pin and passport. Full Passport Kit (bag, pin, passport) are $10.00 and each year after the cost is $5 for pin and passport.

You must have your BeadBop bag, 2020 Pin and Passport to receive the participating store discounts and enter raffles.

The 2020 BeadBop has been cancelled. Please Contact Us for more information on next year’s BeadBop.