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“The Bead Bush Studio is a beading oasis in the desert!” – Faye

“You have great beads… unusual and unique.” – Mary

“I love her Bead Bush Studio. I always go to the white bowl and find pink beads, yellow beads, purple beads, green & brown beads, black beads, red beads and orange beads. I like to play with them. I like to put them in different cups and bowls. I like to make them into pretty necklaces. I love beads.” – Sara – 2¾ years old

“This is the best bead shop in the state of NH!” – Sandra

“My greatest bead accomplishment is joining the Master Beader Program in Deerfield and pushing myself as a beader to try new techniques and expand my horizons.”

“Before my Master Beader experience, I was always in a frenzy to find the exact bead called for. What fun it is to not be held back by those constraints any more! This alone has opened the door to so many possibilities.”

“I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon this program in which I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful, caring people who are eager to share their enthusiasm and ideas. I especially enjoy our Talking Beads meetings for this reason and for the new information about the beading world that is shared. Oh yes, and having two instructors who are knowledgeable, talented and compassionate doesn’t hurt either!” – Barbara

“This program has definitely fueled my passion for beading and jewelry making. I had some limited experience beforehand but now I see the possibilities are endless! It has turned out to be so much more than I expected!”