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Small Business Saturday

Give up the hustle & bustle of exhausted shopping with crowds!   Join us at the BeadBush Studio for Small Business Saturday.

We are located between two state parks on the mountain called Mt. Delight!  Does that give you a clue how special the area is?

We have lots of gift ideas:  Gift certificates, a beading class, beaded pins, coveted hair barrettes, pendants ready to wear, a favorite semi-precious strand of beads, a box of fire polish beads, a collection of beading thread/needles, threads and beading books.  And oh, there is lots more……come and see.

You’ll Find:  50% Off All Store Purchases, 20% Off All Ready Wear, Instant Drawings For Gifts,  Annual Coupons, and Refreshments.

Saturday: November 27, 2021

Fall 2021 Creative Challenge

The Bead Bush Studio and some members of its  Master Beader Program are sponsoring an opportunity for jewelry artists in New England to participate in this challenge.

Artists of a variety of media are invited to participate.  Entries will be accepted for original wearable accessories in these categories:  beads, fiber or miscellaneous work such as metalwork, chain mail, polymer clay or metal clay. Prizes will be awarded.

You can obtain a copy of the information and application by stopping by the Bead Bush Studio or clicking here and  printing it yourself.

BeadBush Studio

Coronavirus Update

Dear Beaders,

BeadBush Studio is Now Open Thursdays and Saturdays, 10-4pm. No appointment necessary. Friday, please make an appointment.   

The Bead Bush will be open for shopping at our Location.   

Studio only opened:
Thursday, Saturday  10-4pm.  

All shoppers, if you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask when in the studio. Hand Sanitizers available.

Please check the BBS calendar for recently scheduled on-line classes.  We will continue to add classes as time passes.

Bead PlayDate will now be held in person in the studio on Thursdays, 10-noon. You are welcome to join us.

Stay healthy and safe,


BeadBush Studio

Deerfield Arts Tour

The Deerfield Arts Tour is a free, self-guided tour of artists’ studios in Deerfield, NH.  This year You will find 14 Deerfield Artists and craftspeople in Deerfield studios.  Additional information can be found at  Print off a map and guide from the website.  Raffle Drawings and great snack foods an added bonus!

Two days only.  The DAT is traditionally the third week-end in October. Those dates this year are October 16 and 17, 2021. 10-4pm.

2157 - What Makes a Master?

What Makes a Master?

2157 - What Makes a Master?The What Makes a Master session will provide an overview of the MBP Master level requirements and the Master Seminar Series as well as expectations for successful completion of the MBP master level.

You do not need to be at the Master Level to attend What Makes a Master but you must attend this session or a previous one if you expect to be at the Master Level and participate in the Master Seminar Series starting in late Spring,  2018.

Open to all members of MBP.

Bring paper and pencil to take notes.


Date to be announced.

BeadBush Studio

New Year Resolutions

The New Year for many of us brings the opportunity to reset goals and start fresh.  Resolutions are worth nothing if we don’t take the necessary actions and what I have learned this past year is that being able to keep a record of actions also keeps me moving forward.

My goal in 2014 was to ‘finish’——sewing projects, craft projects and of course beading projects.  I’ve kept a little notebook and listed the projects as I finished them.  This tool has kept me focused but also successful……I recorded 148 projects finished this year.  It is the first time I have ever followed through with one of my New Year resolutions.  So for 2015, I am going to focus on a one word goal and then keep track of my actions. Think I’ll start at the back of my little book to keep that record!

What success did you have this year with your resolutions?  And, what are your goals for 2015?

An update on finishing!

In my January blog, I wrote about my one and only New Year’s resolution: finishing projects of all kinds.  I have been diligent over the past six months in keeping this focus…with of course lots of other things going on in my life.  As of yesterday, I have completed 77, yes, 77 projects—sewing projects, beaded projects, items needing repair, gifts and samples for the Bead Bush. (Note: I keep track in a little notebook)  Some of these projects I started years ago, and some two weeks ago…but finish them I have…

So you’d think my sewing room, and my work area in the Bead Bush would be clean, neat,  really quite empty…wrong!  I admit, the pile has lessened and I am a little more organized, but I have a long ways to go.  It probably won’t ever happen, but it is better.

One of the things I think about is why I don’t finish…….lot’s of reasons…run out of time, isn’t working out right, stuck on what to do next, poor color choices, doesn’t fit, poor choice of material and technique, grow disinterested and just plain boring.  I’m gradually pushing myself to dispose (could mean throw away, give away, take apart, or put in box with other experimentations) of those things that hang around, that will never be finished or used…..whether they be beaded items or sewing items. Hard to do, but getting easier.

I find I like things a little more organized, labeled, and less messy… wow….that is amazing.  Now I have just have to keep it up.   That will be the challenge!

What have you done this year, that inspires you to finish what you have started?


The Starting and Finishing Struggle

As creative creators, starting and finishing something is an interesting cycle.  We all function differently when it comes down to it.   It is a continuous topic with beaders.  We have a very few beaders who create one project at a time and finish one project at a time.  These folks never have an unfinished project.  And then there are some who never finish anything and then all the folks in-between (this is me)…who starts many projects, but do finish sooner or later. ( just don’t have time for all the ideas of things I’d like to do.)

Now it really does not bother me to have loads of unfinished projects, but I would like to have a few less.  So, one of my new year resolutions, (oh, let’s face it…it is my only resolution) was to start a finishing journal for the year.  In that journal I would write down all the projects (of any kind) that I complete.  I’m feeling very satisfied… of today, I have 6 items in my finishing journal.  If I can keep up that schedule for the year, I will have an empty sewing room and all my beads will be in perfect order!  Since that will never happen, I’m just going to enjoy the present process and swirl of finishing!

For me, there has been something very focused and satisfying in completing projects, writing down the completion and moving onto the next project.  I know that I will get side tracked, but I have a sense that I will be more focused, productive and satisfied with my creations in 2014 than in previous years.

What to you do to bring to conclusion your projects?

New Hours for the BeadBush

One of the things that happens as we mark the passing years is frequently making adjustments for the aging process.   It becomes very personal and happens to all of us whether we like it or not.

I love being in the Bead Bush, partly because of the beads, but mostly because of all of you.  I have met and gotten to know and appreciate so many of you…..your excitement about beads, your developing skills and creative expressions and a sharing of life’s challenges.

Since I am not getting any younger, and I seem to move slower, I have decided to close the BBS on Wednesdays to give me more time for and with some of the other things that make my life meaningful….. my children and grandchildren, sewing and spending time with valued friends.

But there is a tradeoff…..  We offer many classes on Sunday afternoons and so any Sunday afternoon that there is a class in the building, the store will be open.  BUT please call first as sometimes the class does not have enough people in it to run and then the building is not open.

When I know ahead, I will list the open Sunday afternoon schedule in the newsletter and/or on the calendar.

I’m  hoping this new schedule will not be an inconvenience to you.  I know many of you will welcome the Sunday afternoon opening since that is when your schedule allows you to visit the store.

So transition and change, here we come.  The Bead Bush Studio will be open Thursday-Saturday, 10-5pm beginning 1/2/14.

A Happy New Year to each of you.

Really? Holidays are here…!

I met some friends today for good companionship and conversation.  And of course had to do some errands, too.  And what did I find…..Holiday decorations,….Christmas and Halloween, all nestled in together!  It made me want to back right out of the store.  Now it is not like I don’t care for Christmas and all of its traditions, but really….do we have to be bombarded with it in October and sometimes even September.  I realize the economic impact of holidays, but it seems we are in a “not very good place” when our economy, our activities and focus all have to do with “shopping”.  Really what is this all about?  It seems as if what we buy or what we wear or where we buy it, is a reflection of our worth.  I know that I am worth more than that, and I hope you feel the same about yourself.

We each have to decide for ourselves, but I am going to create most of my gifts and if there is any buying, I will do it with focus and a careful plan.  It is all about how much I care for the person I am giving the gift to, not how much I spent or where I got it!  I know what I am going to do about this distorted perspective!  What about you?