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Life in a Small Town

I love living in a very special small town and have been doing so since 1970!  This week, Deerfield is bustling to get ready for our County Fair.  Every activity is focused on being ready for the crowds that the fair attracts.  Our roads will be packed with mile after mile of cars…while thousands and thousands of folks visit town during the four days of the fair.  Those of us who live in Deerfield travel on all the back roads and know that any planned activities in town are ‘after the fair’!    Life changes for residents while Deerfield opens it doors, its highways and expends all of its energy into the activities at the Deerfield Fair.

What does this all have to do with the Bead Bush Studio.  Because of the fair and the traffic, if you wanted to come to the studio, you couldn’t even get here!!!!!  So…the Bead Bush Studio will be closed all week, Sept 25-28.  What are you going to be doing?….I hope you keep beading and do make it to the Deerfield Fair…it a special family event!  There are lots of cows, horses, pigs, handiwork, tools, tractors, oxen pulling contests, food, rides and much more…everything you want in a fair!  I hope to see you there…you know where I will be.

And then everything starts again October…in Deerfield and in the Bead Bush Studio.



Change is in the air….you can feel it!   And whether you like it or not, the change will come.  Our lives are filled with change….births, deaths, going off to school, marriage, new babies, weather, new jobs or no job, retirement, new friends, lifestyle changes and so it goes.

I happen to be one of those people who loves and embraces change and the time of transitions.  That is not to say, I don’t find them frustrating and challenging at times, but for me, they are a time of growth.  One of the things we know about transitions and change is that there are definitely three stages….Ending…losing…letting go, the Neutral Zone and the New Beginning.

It seems that the Neutral Zone may be the most challenging and hardest.  I like to call the Neutral Zone, “Muddling”…neither here nor there, uncertain, lost, unsure, lack of focus.  The Neutral Zone is where the work of our transition has to take place…not easy, but if you do the work, find the focus, develop clear personal direction, you’ll come out on the other side with a much more successful New Beginning.

Our success or lack of success through the transitional changes of our lives is our attitude and our actions that follow.   If you think you can’t, you can’t.  If you think you can, you can.

So what does this have to do with beading?  Our beading should always be in transition too…learning new skills and techniques, learning new work habits, making new beading friends, new experiences which help us grow in skill and pleasure of creating.  Sure, learning can sometimes be a challenge, but if you think you can, you can!

(If you want to find out more about Transitions, check out the work of William Bridges, PhD.)



Don’t deny it…most of us beaders have at least a few unfinished projects.  I have lots of unfinished items….I want to do too much and I usually just run out of time.  They sometimes weigh me down…..

One of the beading practices I’ve been trying to do attentively is finish at least one UFO every week.  I either, take the UFO apart and put the beads back in my drawers, put the item in my “it might be something else someday” box, or take the time to just finish the UFO.  The interesting thing is….that once I put my mind to finishing, the project begins to flow and before I know it, it is completed.  And….. took a lot less time than I thought it would.

This finishing process has freed me up in thinking about what I want to do next….where I want to put my energies, my time and my beads.   Sometimes finishing up the unfinished sets a foundation for getting started again.   Finishing can clear the work area, the mind and provides an opening for a creative new beginning.

We each have our own way of dealing with finishing…take a look at your way…does it support your creative process or bog you down?

Doing Nothing!

The value of doing nothing!  I don’t know about you, but I keep busy all the time and sometimes go nowhere.  I’m pretty good at finding a balance in my life, but sometimes even that is work.  Yesterday I spent 5 hours sitting by a peaceful lake with my beads in my lap just doing nothing but talking with a special friend and beading very little.

When I woke up this morning, I felt grounded, rested and calm inside.  It hit me…that doing nothing the day before had been just what I needed to put everything back in perspective.  We forget sometimes that slowing down, taking a deep breath and just doing nothing is what fills us up and firms up the foundation so we can move ahead knowing that all is well and we can check off items on the list!

So this summer, find time to just be…the rewards are great…..

BeadBush Studio

Where is Your Creative Spirit?

Well, our new website has been up and running for a week now and we are still on a learning curve.  We’ll get it down to perfection soon.  Please be patient!

I’ve been thinking about creativity recently.  It is an interesting phenomenon (my dictionary says phenomenon can mean ‘extraordinary thing’).  Is creativity/creative a noun or a verb?  I suppose it can be either, but I like to think of it as a verb or as an approach to an activity or action.   You must know someone who is a gardener who weeds and seems to have that flare to creating fun and exciting gardens and another gardener who weeds.  One has a creative flare to gardening and the other doesn’t.

This can apply to almost any activity, including beading and beaders.  Some beaders, just bead.  Others seem to approach it with that creative flare or spirit and always ends up with something original and fun!  Nothing wrong with either approach, but the results will always be different.

What is it that makes the difference?  Many would say that one is creative and one is not.  I believe that each of us, no matter what we do has that creative ‘gene’ within us.  Part of it has to do with trusting ourselves enough to let it happen and know that even if it doesn’t turn out it is okay….it is the effort or the process of creating that is more important than the product.

Another difference is that creative folks work at being creative.  It is not for the faint at heart or the lazy.  It might mean trying over and over till you get it right, struggling for just the right look, trying different approaches, all along trusting yourself enough to know that you will get there.  And also knowing the reward of creating something that is yours!

Where is your creative spirit?  Hiding or do you use it everyday and reap the rewards


Welcome to the Bead Bush Studio’s new website.  I am excited that it allows for greater interaction between you and me.  You’ll find better pictures, more up to date info, a shopping cart which many of you have requested, as well as an opportunity to pay for the classes you sign up for on line, plus more.  It is different, so give yourself a little time to get use to it and I believe that you will like it.

The BeadBush will be celebrating its 9th birthday in October.  It really does not seem possible…the time has flown by!  In reflection, I feel so grateful for your support, friendship and business.  What I find so special is all the new friends that I have made that brought a richness to my life.  And of course playing with beads and learning so much about them and what to do with them has been loads of fun, too.

One of the things I have learned as my years increase is that if each one of us uses our own God given talents and gifts in living out our lives, it adds a richness, contentment and value that we can fine in no other way.  So, in whatever way you can, identify your strengths and gifts, and have great fun in reaping the rewards of using each one of them.

Master Beader Program Open House

Master Beader Program Open House

Been intrigued with the Master Beader Program?  Come to our open house and explore this program to see if it is for you.  If you are looking to grow as a beader and develop your beading skills, AND you’d like support from a mentor and other beaders, the MBP may be for you.  This program allows you to move at your own speed and is designed to be stress free!  Come find out what it is all about…..we will look forward to talking with you about MBP.