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Welcome to the Bead Bush Studio’s new website.  I am excited that it allows for greater interaction between you and me.  You’ll find better pictures, more up to date info, a shopping cart which many of you have requested, as well as an opportunity to pay for the classes you sign up for on line, plus more.  It is different, so give yourself a little time to get use to it and I believe that you will like it.

The BeadBush will be celebrating its 9th birthday in October.  It really does not seem possible…the time has flown by!  In reflection, I feel so grateful for your support, friendship and business.  What I find so special is all the new friends that I have made that brought a richness to my life.  And of course playing with beads and learning so much about them and what to do with them has been loads of fun, too.

One of the things I have learned as my years increase is that if each one of us uses our own God given talents and gifts in living out our lives, it adds a richness, contentment and value that we can fine in no other way.  So, in whatever way you can, identify your strengths and gifts, and have great fun in reaping the rewards of using each one of them.

Master Beader Program Open House

Master Beader Program Open House

Been intrigued with the Master Beader Program?  Come to our open house and explore this program to see if it is for you.  If you are looking to grow as a beader and develop your beading skills, AND you’d like support from a mentor and other beaders, the MBP may be for you.  This program allows you to move at your own speed and is designed to be stress free!  Come find out what it is all about…..we will look forward to talking with you about MBP.