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Creating Bead Embroidery

2163 - Creating Bead Embroidery

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These bead embroidery classes are focused on supporting your journey in creating your own style of bead embroidery.  You’ll explore creating your own pieces using your choice of a variety of materials and techniques.  With practice and exploration you’ll be creating bead embroidery that speaks to you and of you.

Topics to be covered:  designing, preparation of foundation, material choices, embroidery stitches, techniques using soutache, fabric, ribbons, cabochons, shaping techniques,  finishing/edging techniques,  and more.  You’ll create the item of your choice–pin, pendant, collar, cuff, etc.

This is a three session class– 2 hours each session.  The second and third class scheduled times can be changed if needed.


Instructor: Judy Bush
Level: All Levels
Price: $75.00
Provided: Instruction and handouts.
Bring: Paper, pencil. All necessary materials will be discussed during the first class.
Class ID: 2163
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