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Designing with Beads

There’s more to making jewelry than just putting together a bunch of beads, and somehow we all know that instinctively.  This class is designed to give you some vocabulary to understand what you know intuitively… to introduce design elements, the basic building blocks of all artistic media.  What are these design elements?  How are they used? How do they apply to beading?  How can I use them to make my jewelry more interesting?  Hands-on exercises in class will help you focus on practical application.  This class, for beginners as well as experienced beaders, will give you a new perspective in creating and designing jewelry with all kinds of beads including seed beads.

Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Beginner
Price: $55.00
Provided: Printed handouts for later reference.
Bring: 5 beaded or beading-related pieces that you have made, handouts from Color Awareness (if you have taken that class), pen and paper for taking notes
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