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Examining Design Technique: The Symmetry-Asymmetry Continuum

Do you think of symmetry and asymmetry as discrete concepts…it’s one or the other and never the twain shall meet? Do you find that you gravitate towards one or the other in your beadwork? What if you were to shift your thinking and consider that you can’t have one without the other and that symmetry and asymmetry actually represent the extremes of a continuum (something like ultraviolet and infrared)?In this class, we will take a close look at the symmetry-asymmetry continuum and examine various points along the continuum as we consider what these concepts represent, study the various forms each can take and start to understand how we can use them effectively.This class will use a variety of hands-on activities that explore symmetry and asymmetry. After this class you will approach your beadwork design in a whole new way, making intentional decisions about when and how to apply symmetrical and asymmetrical methods to reinforce your intentions and showcase your talents!

Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Intermediate
Price: $50.00
Provided: Instruction
Bring: Supply list will be sent to students.
Class ID: 2140
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