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Explorations in Beading: Bead Netting, A Venerable Tradition

  1. Throughout history, bead netting, in one form or another, has appeared as a go-to technique for creating beautiful jewelry, clothing, and decorative accessories.This Explorations topic is designed to give you an overview of the versatility and richness of this tradition. In this session, we will examine the construction of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal bead netting; look at circular and tubular structures; and consider shaping methods. We will also discuss the ways in which various cultures, especially the African cultures, have interpreted and adapted bead netting to achieve distinctive effects. Prerequisite: must have some bead netting experience.  3 hour class.
Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Intermediate
Price: $50
Provided: Instruction and resource materials.
Bring: Pen and paper for taking notes.
Class ID: 2124
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