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Freeform Design Using Brick Stitch and Peyote

2168 - Freeform design Using Brick Stitch and PeyoteThis class is for everyone who is interested in exploring freeform bead weaving using brick stitch or peyote. Students may work in brick stitch or peyote or may experiment with combining these two techniques, which complement each other in very interesting ways! We will consider basic design principles and construction strategies. In addition, we will discover how to integrate these strategies into our beadwork to create texture, movement and visual impact. Students must be comfortable with either peyote or brick stitch

Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Intermediate
Price: $50.00
Provided: Instruction
Bring: Pick a palette. Then assemble an assortment of beads using that palette. You will want to include size 11/0 seed beads (several colors), and you may want to add some size 8/0 and size 15/0. I suggest that you also add some small-ish (4-8mm) accents such as fire-polished, pearls, crystals, etc. You may also want to include some specialty beads such as cubes, Delicas, lentils, farfalles, 2- or 3-hole beads, etc. You will also need size 11 beading needles; thread (your choice); a button, snap or clasp; and all the usual stuff including beading mat, scissors, wax and magnifiers if you generally wear them for close work.
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