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Freeform Fun: Peyote

Freeform Fun - Peyote

Freeform Fun - Peyote

It’s time to have some fun with peyote and explore the playfulness of the technique!  In this class you will learn one approach to freeform peyote construction.  You’ll learn how to incorporate freeform elements into your work to add dimension, interest and fun.


  • Choose your palette then collect your beads.  Include a selection of seed beads in various sizes.  Add some triangles, cubes, bugles, hexes, magatamas, twins, tilas, cyrstals, pearls, druks, or whatever grabs you.  You might include a few larger beads as accents.
  • Clasp, button, bead, or snap for closure.
  • Beading thread of choice.
  • Size 11 beading needle
  • All the usual stuff including wax, scissors, beading mat, task light, magnifier, etc.


Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Intermediate
Price: $35.00
Provided: Instruction
Bring: See description above...
Class ID: 2060
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