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Slip Stitch Beaded Crocheted Rope, The Basics

  1. Slip Stitch Beaded Crocheted RopeIn this class, you will learn the basics of this popular technique. You will work first with big beads and big thread (materials provided) so that you can become familiar with how the beads move into pattern and how the rope is constructed. You will then graduate to smaller beads to work on a bracelet or bangle that features the trademark spiral of this tubular technique. You will be introduced to methods for finishing with a clasp or an invisible join.Students may not complete this project during the class. A follow up session will be arranged as necessary, for the group or for individuals.   5 hour class.
Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Intermediate
Price: $60.00
Provided: Instruction and introductory materials
Bring: Size 6 (or size 8) seed beads – 6 colors, Jean Stitch or similar polyester thread, size 8 steel crochet hook, big eye needle, tapestry needle, large safety pin, findings for finishing if you prefer a clasp [optional], all the usual stuff including scissors, beading mat, magnifier, task light, etc.
Class ID: 2131
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