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Technique Basics: Chevron Chain


Chevron chain is unexpectedly versatile. The look can be open and lacy or dense and firm making this technique suitable for decorative as well as functional applications. This class will introduce a basic chevron chain technique and present ideas for variations. If you have already discovered chevron chain, this class is designed to help you take your craft to a new level. If you are new to chevron chain, you are in for a real treat!

Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Beginner
Price: $50.00
Provided: Instruction
Bring: Size 11 seed beads... 3 colors - size 11 beading needle - beading thread of choice - clasp, button, or bead for closure - all the usual stuff... wax, beading mat, task light, scissors, etc.
Class ID: 2057
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