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Temari Balls: Japanese Embroidery for the Holidays

  1. 2184 - Termari balls-japanese embroidery for the holidays

    Temari Balls-Japanese embroidery for the Holidays

    Temari is an ancient Asian embroidery technique that originated in China and was subsequently popularized as a Japanese folk craft. Temari embroidery is based on geometric sectioning of the surface of a sphere. The designs are simple yet beautiful. The basic techniques are easy to learn. The variations are endless!This class will introduce the basics of Japanese Temari Kiku (herringbone) embroidery. You will learn how to prepare a ball, divide the surface and basic stitching methods.Although adding beads to the stitched designs is beyond the scope of this introductory class, don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to make a second Temari ball and incorporate some beads.In this class, we will create a unique ornament that you can add to your family collection. Or, perhaps, you’ll be inspired by the Japanese custom and give your Temari ball to a friend to wish health and happiness in the New Year!4.5-5 hour class

Instructor: Deb Fairchild
Level: Beginner
Price: $70.00 includes all supplies/materials
Provided: Instruction and supplies--- which includes Styrofoam ball, yarn for wrapping, thread for wrapping, #5 DMC thread, #8 DMC thread, tapestry needle, tape measure, glass-head pins, materials for dividing the surface of the ball
Bring: Sharp scissors, magnifiers (if you generally use them for close work)
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