Beading Parties

Beading Parties are available for all ages. There is no charge for a party, but all beads and supplies must be purchased at the BeadBush. We work to accommodate to your goals and plans. Just talk to us about what you would like.

Birthday beading parties are always fun, whether for adults or children. Kids can shop for their own beads with an allowance you set and then make their own necklace or bracelet. Or they can make a previously decided item like a bracelet or hair piece. No problem with bringing your own food for the party. Full kitchen available.

Looking for a place to get together with family members or friends? A beading party at the BeadBush is always lots of fun. Schedule parties early as space can be limited.

Contact Us to set up your party today!

Talking Beads

Talking Beads is a monthly time that is open to those participating in the Master Beading Program. There will be opportunities to discuss challenges and ideas, learn new techniques, meet other beaders and get individual support and help with your beading journey.