Fused Glass: a Fluid Medium

 Are you interested in gaining a better understanding the medium of glass, how to shape and stack glass for interesting effects?

This class will offer you a chance to explore frit, sheet, confetti and dichroic glass as you build a project that will go into the kiln at the end of class and be fired overnight. 

Included in the class will be handouts with info about where to find/buy materials and equipment, and firing instructions for those who already own a kiln.

Once out of the kiln, your piece will be cleaned of kiln wash and carefully packed and mailed in a prepaid ” priority mail ” box, and sent to your home! ($10 extra, but with the price of gas…well worth it!)

Class Date:  7/9/22 Time:  1-3:30pm

Class fee (includes materials):$60

Mailing fee:$10 (opt)

Call 603-688-7067