Really? Holidays are here…!

I met some friends today for good companionship and conversation.  And of course had to do some errands, too.  And what did I find…..Holiday decorations,….Christmas and Halloween, all nestled in together!  It made me want to back right out of the store.  Now it is not like I don’t care for Christmas and all of its traditions, but really….do we have to be bombarded with it in October and sometimes even September.  I realize the economic impact of holidays, but it seems we are in a “not very good place” when our economy, our activities and focus all have to do with “shopping”.  Really what is this all about?  It seems as if what we buy or what we wear or where we buy it, is a reflection of our worth.  I know that I am worth more than that, and I hope you feel the same about yourself.

We each have to decide for ourselves, but I am going to create most of my gifts and if there is any buying, I will do it with focus and a careful plan.  It is all about how much I care for the person I am giving the gift to, not how much I spent or where I got it!  I know what I am going to do about this distorted perspective!  What about you?