Vintage Bead Story

In the 1960’s I gave sewing lessons to a young girl, in my home. Over the years, she had kept track of my activities and was aware that I had a bead store.

In 2011, she called and said her daughter had acquired some beads from a relative who had found them in the attic of a house, and would I be interested in seeing them. Of course, I said YES. She and her daughter arrived shortly thereafter and opened the back of a truck. There were boxes and boxes of beads. I took a deep breath, and we negotiated a price… I had no idea what I had just bought!

After some research, we realized that we had a treasure of vintage beads. Boxes were labeled with companies that had gone out of business in 1900, and there were sizes of seed beads that they have not made since before WWI and the colors were gorgeous.

We suspect that someone was doing piecework for the clothing mills in NH. With the Depression, the demand for expensive beaded clothing ended. The beads have been in the attic for 80-90 years, till now. Enjoy these little treasures.

What is Vintage?
The dictionary says vintage denotes something of high quality from the past.
That certainly describes these beads!